Plot Edit

Characters by Universe Edit

Call of Duty Multiverse Edit

Zombies Universe Edit

Edward Richtofen

Edward Richtofen

Origins Timeline Edit

Origins Edward Richtofen

Edward Richtofen

DC Multiverse Edit

CW Universe Edit

CW The flash

The Flash

New Universe (Earth-0) Edit

Eden Universe Edit

  • The Archangel
  • The Dark Angel
  • Lucifer / Satan

Guardians Universe Edit

Jack frost

Jack Frost

Marvel Multiverse Edit

Cinematic Universe Edit





Universe-616 Edit

One Punch Anime Universe Edit



Time Lord Universe Edit

The Doctor 11

The Eleventh Doctor

The Doctor 12

The Twelfth Doctor

Titanic Turnt Universe Edit

  • The Chill Transit
  • Fire Angel
  • Tracerus

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