Character Overview Edit

The Doctor is arguably one of the most significant characters within Dimensional Crisis due to the fact that he is able to travel throughout space and time with ease with his T.A.R.D.I.S. Multiple incarnations of this character appear in Dimensional Crisis and each have their own perspectives and adventures.

Character Alternates Edit

The Doctor 1

The First Doctor

The Doctor 2

The Second Doctor

The Doctor 3

The Third Doctor

The Doctor 4

The Fourth Doctor

The Doctor 5

The Fifth Doctor

The Doctor 6

The Sixth Doctor

The Doctor 7

The Seventh Doctor

Doctor 8

The Eighth Doctor

War Doctor

The War Doctor

The Doctor 9

The Ninth Doctor

The Doctor 10

The Tenth Doctor

The Doctor 11

The Eleventh Doctor

The Doctor 12

The Twelfth Doctor

Meta Crisis Doctor

Meta-Crisis Doctor

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