List of Universes Edit

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  • Dragon Universe

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  • Frozen Universe

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  • Grand Theft Auto Universe
  • Guardians Universe

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  • Hellboy Cinematic Universe

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  • Last of Us Universe

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  • One Punch Anime Universe

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  • Pacific Rim Universe
  • Panem Cinematic Universe
  • Pirates Universe
  • Planet of the Apes Universe

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  • Shinigami Anime Universe

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  • Uncharted Universe

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  • Vampire Slayer Universe

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List of Multiverses Edit

Call of Duty Multiverse [CODM] Edit

  • Modern Warfare Universe [MWU]
  • Treyarch Universe [TRU]

Zombies Multiverse [ZMBM] Edit

  • Origins Timeline [ORNT]
  • Zombies Universe [ZMBU]

Conduit Multiverse [CNDM] Edit

  • Hero Universe [HROU]
  • Infamous Universe [INFU]

DC Multiverse [DCM] Edit

  • Arkham Universe [ARKU]
  • Assault on Arkham Universe [AOAU]
  • CBS Universe [CBSU]
  • CW Universe [CWU]
  • Cinematic Universe [DCCU]
  • Dark Knight Cinematic Universe [DKCU]
  • Green Lantern Cinematic Universe [GLCU]
  • Young Justice Television Universe [YJTU]

Disney Multiverse [DSNM] Edit

Marvel Multiverse [MRVM] Edit

Poly-Deist Multiverse [PDM] Edit

Sony Multiverse Edit

Turtleverse [TRTM] Edit

  • Universe 2003 [T03U]
  • Nickelodeon Universe [NKTU]
  • TMNT Universe [TMNU]

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